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He was like a father to me... and I wanted to devour his flesh...

In a world divided into four territories, each with their own unique sun, color, race, and culture, Esh is born and abandoned in the cruelest of all. The red territory of Reah. A land in which every day is an absolute struggle for survival.

One day, an elderly man discovers the boy mortally wounded on the side of the ash-filled streets and takes pity on him, a kindness unknown in the land of Reah. Then, using unorthodox training, he beats the skills necessary for the boy to endure the harshness of the territory. Skills of a master assassin. Combat. Sorcery. Alchemy.

All is going well until a dark and forgotten energy finds its way into young Esh's body. Wreaking havoc on his mind, it threatens to drag his spirit into darkness.

If Esh doesn't use all his mental and physical strength to combat the ancient evil energy then he will surely be defeated.

This book is for you if you love:

  • Action Packed Sword and Sorcery Books
  • Dark Fantasy books about Greatsword wielding Assassins
  • The use of Alchemy
  • Exotic and Wondrous New Worlds
  • A Parasitic Evil Energy that will stop at nothing to control its host.

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