The Fantasy Fiends Podcast

Welcome to the Fantasy Fiends Podcast!

Our shows are recorded and air LIVE every Thursday at 5:30 PST/6:30 MST/7:30 CST/8:30 EST (U.S. Time Zones).

Our podcast is informal and fun, but our goal is to deliver value to our viewers. We want to give you a platform to present your work to new readers so you can grow your reach. However, our means of doing that is by looking beyond just the stories, but getting into the deeper elements of what makes fantasy such an amazing speculative fiction genre.

To that end, we try to include discussion topics that look at real, current issues (humanity, society, sexuality, politics, psychology, religion, and many more) through the lens of a fantasy story/world/character.

Each episode includes:

– A guest author

– A discussion topic related to the sociology, philosophy, psychology, sexuality, religion, politics, race, or gender–all seen through the lens of a fantasy story, character, and world.

– LIVE reenactments and readings of the guest’s books (yes, we do try and often fail to do the voices)

– Interesting and relevant news from the fantasy world (TV, film, novels, comic books, etc.)

Our Intro Episode:

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