Here are my initial thoughts…

Firstly, I am really not a blogger and never really got into blogs of others.

However, I am an indie author with lots of opinions of lots of different things.

“What sorts of things do you have opinions on?” you may ask.

Well, lots of things! Movies, books, anime, tv shows, products, fantasy stuff, and even weight lifting supplements.

I am creating this blog to both:

A) Add value to your life in some way.

B) Journal what exactly is going on in my life. What have I see? (Movies) What have a read? Did I like those things? If so, why? If not, why?

I also believe I will be able to show more of my voice that can’t be seen in my books. Therefore, through you reading my blogs based on B you will get A!

I will most likely come back to this post and edit it a bit because I am sure, just like my novels, this will probably form into something I was expecting.

Au Revoir

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