My Books

Currently, all of my books are in manuscript form and are in the process of being beta read and edited. You are MORE than welcome to help in the beta reading process! Just click here for more information.


The Four Territories

An Epic Dark Fantasy

Four exotic territories reside under four unique suns, each with their own distinct color, race, and culture. A young hybrid is born under the hottest sun in the cruelest of territories. In the realm of Reah, no place is safe for the young orphan, Esh, who is soon left for dead in the ash filled streets of the city of Zel.

An elderly male sees the transgressions of the people of Reah and saves the young boy, a kindness that is unheard of under the Red sun. However, there is something in this man's history that binds him to the young boy.

Esh soon learns that he must acquaint himself with the skills of assassination, martial arts, and alchemy in order to survive the unforgiving lands. These skills are his destiny for they will help to serve him in a quest he not yet knows of.

All is going well until a dark and forgotten energy finds its way into young Esh's body only to wreak havoc on his mind and drag his spirit in the direction of darkness.


The Lionheart

The Grind (a LitRPG Series): Book 1

Blurb (Draft):

A username was entered.
A password was entered.
A player was born.

Tharis is born into the MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game) of Drathos and before completing his very first quest he is hit with a realization, a realization that he isn't like all the other players. He can sense he is being controlled by some outside force, a creator or God perhaps... All he knows is that his movements are not quite his own.

However, this is the least of Tharis' problems for the starter village of Ashvell in which he was born is held captive by a high level player named Toxhin. This level 16 tyrant Warrior forces all the other low level players to pay him a tax and forbids all of them from reaching a level higher than 10. The punishment is death.

Held captive in a starter village, Tharis' enlightened thoughts causes trouble for not only him but the players around him. How will he deal with his invisible manipulator? How will he level himself? How will he escape Ashvell? Can he save the players of this village? Or will he just end up getting himself and them killed in the process...



The Bearheart

The Grind (a LitRPG Series): Book 2