Why YOU should be reading in the genre you write in!

Here are my thoughts on why reading in the genre you write in is important.

Before I go any further, I want to say it is not a problem if you want to read books outside of your genre. In fact, I encourage you too! Why? Because you can ‘steal’ aspects of other genres to implement into your own writing (more on this in a future blog post).

Reasons why you should be reading in the genre you write in:

  1. By reading popular books in your genre you can figure out what makes them so special. I am not saying that you should steal ideas from other books but you will find that they will inspire original ideas in your head. Maybe a specific book has AWESOME fight scenes and you think that would be cool to add to your book. Go for it. Maybe the dialogue is spot on and you feel you should polish your own dialogue.
  2. You need to learn the rules of your genre. I, as a fantasy writer, have come to find that there are specific rules when it comes to writing fantasy. There are world building rules, lore rules, and even magic rules. Character development is different than, let’s say, a romantic comedy or Young adult book.
  3. It helps you to keep up with the times. Genres are always changing and if you enjoy writing to market than you will want to keep up with the pace of your genre and other authors.
  4. Keep up with authors and their books. If you want to make it in this fast paced and competitive writing industry, you don’t want to look stupid by not knowing the top selling books and the top selling authors in your genre. Enuff said!

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