Sword Art Online Episode 1 Review

Ahh yes, the great anime series of Sword Art Online! Many would say it’s the worst anime out there, but I will say it is the best!

This show is not only creative but it is beautifully drawn. I highly suggest this series to anyone who loves anime and to anyone who loves mmorpgs.

Episode 1 begins with our protagonist, Kirito, syncing into the world of Aincrad. This is the world he will be living in for a very long time. If you don’t play mmo’s then this is the part where you may start to get confused.

MMORPG’s (Mass Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games) are games in which thousands even millions of players log on to play in massive worlds in which they play alongside others to defeat monsters and gain loot. Players can make huge impacts on the world and can even influence the market of items!

Aincrad is no different. This episode does an excellent job of explaining the action combat system and even explains how hunger works. It is no spoiler to say that things go terribly wrong for the 10,000 players that logged on to SAO that day.

Trapped in a MMORPG where death is real, players must reach and defeat the hundredth level in order to be allowed out of the game. This is were the great journey begins!

I highly highly recommend you at least try this anime… if you haven’t already… and if you haven’t… where have you been?

Until next time!

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