Sword Art Online Episode 2 Review (Beater)

Today’s review is over episode two of Sword Art online. Beater.

As of yet, no one in Aincrad has been able to find the dungeon. However, we learn that a party of players accidentally stumbled upon the dungeon entrance.

The players make a smart decision by having an open meeting on how to go about defeating the dungeon. This is when things get heated.

We now learn that many players are upset that beta testers stormed off on their own in order to soak up all the best quests and hunting spots, leaving the newbies behind to fend for themselves.

However, one player suggests that the beta testers DID leave a whole guide book on what they learned in their first trial of the game.

I won’t go any further with the story, so no spoilers!… YET

Buuuutttttt, this episode does an awesome job at showing how the switch technique works. Kirito and Asana must pair up in order to take on stronger enemies. One knocks them off guard while the other attacks. This is called switching.

We also learn the term ‘Beater’ which is a mix of beta tester and cheater.

The action in this episode is long (IMO) and beautiful designed. I find it interesting the way the artists of SAO created a blood like effect without going too overboard. It isn’t blood persay, but blood red pixels and diamond like shards float out of the body when it has been hit or stabbed. Pretty interesting idea.


Kirito, with the help of Asana, is able to defeat the dungeon monster… but at what cost? A player is killed in the midst of the action trying to greedily take the last killing blow for himself. Turns out he was also a beta tester.

Kirito is quickly blamed for this players death. Knowing he will mostly play solo, Kirito dawns his new black apparel (his won loot) and accepts the term as a BEATER.

I remember this episode really drawing me into the SAO world the first time I watched it. I wanted and NEEDED more action scenes! I also love the death penalty. You die in the game you die IRL. Death without punishment could get boring.

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