My Thoughts on Alterworld (LitRPG)

First off, I have to say that I had an absolute wonderful time reading Alterworld by D. Rus. It gave me a mix of satisfaction that I’ve gotten from playing World of Warcraft and watching Sword Art Online. I would have loved to email him and say so but sadly he is Russian and… well… I don’t speak Russian.

Without giving away any spoilers, this LitRPG is just what you would expect from the best of this genre. (Some even say D. Rus was the creator of the LitRPG genre) A character is stuck or has chosen to get stuck in an artificial world in the form of a MMORPG. In this case, the protagonist chooses to go ‘Perma’ meaning that he will be stuck in the game forever. However, this is a good choice given that he only had a month to live.

Things that I liked:
I found the choice of the main character’s class to be an interesting choice. (I don’t want to give it away). This choice wasn’t my first choice in class preference but that is was intrigued me.

The amount of gaming detail in this book is phenomenal. You will find details such as DPS percentages all the way to reputation points. Weapons have their own stats and death sends you to the graveyard. I am a HUGE fan of this kind of stuff.

In my opinion, I am not sure there was a definite plot which I believe is unique to the LitRPG genre (given that it is usually quest driven and leveling driven). We basically are behind the eyes of a man stuck in a mmorpg world. That’s it. Now, that isn’t to say big things don’t happen. They do. In fact, it was interesting how Rus implemented the idea that what you did in the game world could affect the people in the outside world.

What you can expect:
You can expect gaming lingo, stats, tons and TONS of options that the character can make, interesting quest lines, awesome battles, fulfilling leveling, and even romance!

My rating: 8/10

It’s been a while that a book has been able to grab my attention like Alterworld has. I will for sure be reading his second book in the series.

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