My thoughts on how to succeed… in anything

I’m 24 (Almost 25) years old, which to most is pretty young. However, I’ve done a shiz ton of stuff and have been very fortunate to accomplish many things.

Was it because I have money? Pshhh, no. I’m a student, I have no money.

Was it because I’m handsome? Well, both myself and my mom think i’m handsome but I am not sure that made me more privileged.

If it’s not because you’re rich and handsome, than what is it???

1. I work very hard.

2. I fail… A lot…

3. I don’t Quit.

4. I keep learning.

Each of these could be their own blog post, but for now let’s cover these one by one.

1. (I work very hard)

That’s just it! I choose something I want to do and I stick to it. However, I am like a lot of those people who like to start up stuff but quit shortly after the newness wears off. This has always been a struggle of mine. I’ve resolved this by not allowing myself to move onto a new project without finishing the first.

By working hard I mean that I do anything and everything I can to become better with that one thing. Whether it be writing or marketing or anything else I’m interested in, I make it my full time job researching it and getting better at it.

2. (I fail)

That’s right! I fail so much that it’s mind blowing. I fail at everything I do. But you know what? I think that’s great!

But why do I think that’s great? Well… because I learn so much from failing. You’ve heard it before and it is oh so true. You can’t learn anything without experience and you can’t get experience without failing. So go out there and fail ya loser! (jk).

3. (I don’t Quit)

Remember when I said I would start something then quit shortly after? Well I don’t do that anymore. However, don’t be like a pothead who’s really high telling you about his/her next project venture (because we all know that pothead will never bring it to fruition, that’s the reefer talking) but actually get out there and start!

Moral of the story, start something you’re passionate about and don’t quit.

4. (I keep learning)

So, I’ve always been a big fan of non-fiction books and audio books. A day doesn’t pass that I haven’t listened or read for 1-2 hours on something i’m interested in or learning about. I also listen to a lot of informational podcasts.

You have to have a drive to keep learning! That’s all this world is good for. (Well, God and Love are important too FYI)

That’s all for now. I need to get back to Fantasy Novel writing! Please, stop distracting me.

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